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October 6, 2021:

PEF Members:

October 6th Vaccine Mandate.

September 3, 2021:

PEF Members:

2019-2023 contact update.

July 27, 2021:

PEF Members:

PEF Members ratify 2019-2023 contact.

July 15, 2021:

PEF Members:

Update: DMV Appreciation Event: Wednesday 7/21 - Time 11am - 1pm, 3B Cafeteria, near the Pizza Place.

July 9, 2021:

PEF Members:

Division 211 Appreciation Event.

June 21, 2021:

PEF Members:

Reminder division meeting/Q+A on 6/21 at 6pm.

If you did not register you can always sign up for the Region 8 meeting on 6/28/2021 at 9am or 6pm.

June 17, 2021:

PEF Members:

If you need to update your personal email with PEF to attend the division meeting/Q+A on 6/21, email or

June 16, 2021:

PEF Members:

We will be holding a Division Meeting /Q+A with members of the PEF Contract Team on June 21st at 6 p.m. This is your opportunity to get some of the questions you may have answered by the people who worked so hard to bring this offer to the table. You should have gotten an email to participate. If you have not, please check you spam folders.

June 10, 2021:

PEF Members:

Tentative Contract Highlights

June 8, 2021:

PEF Members:

PEF Contract Update

Today the PEF Executive board voted and decided to send the Tentative Contract Agreement to the membership to be voted on and ratified. Ralph Mabb the NYS DMV Executive Board representative participated in this emergency executive board meeting. The meeting was held via zoom and featured a lengthy Q+A, Debate and an overview from the contract team. The TA/Agreement will now be sent out to the membership for their opportunity to choose to accept this contract or not.

More details to follow, there is information that will be widely available and Division 211 will be attempting to have a membership meeting to address questions and other concerns. Thank you.

In Solidarity,

R. Mabb

June 4, 2021:

PEF Members:

PEF reaches Tentative Contract Agreement with State.

The PEF Contract Team and negotiators from the Governor’s Office of Employee Relations reached a tentative agreement on the 2019-2023 PS&T contract today, June 4, 2021.

Details will be released in the coming days, after approval by the PEF Executive Board. I have called for an emergency meeting of the board.

I’d like to thank PEF’s Contract Team, led by Contract Chair Darlene Williams, chief negotiator Mark Richards, and Director of Contract Administration Deb Greenberg, for all their hard work.

You, our 50,000 PEF members across the state, have waited a long time for this, working tirelessly and bravely throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. You deserve this fair and just contract.

If the Executive Board approves, full copies of the negotiated agreement with markups will be mailed to all members and information on the ratification vote will be forthcoming.

In Unity,

Wayne Spence
PEF President

May 22, 2021:

PEF Members:

PEF Contract Input Wanted

May 2, 2021:

PEF Members:

PEF Contract Update

April 18, 2021:

PEF Members:

PEF Contract Video

In Unity,

Wayne Spence
PEF President

March 29, 2021:

PEF Members:

PEF Triennial Election website will be live starting 9AM on Monday, March 29, 2021

Members may sign election petitions electronically by visiting the PEF Elections website at Members will log in using the username/password that was received via mail. If you have discarded or misplaced your username/password, please contact Educational Vistas Inc. Monday – Friday 8AM to 7PM at 888-999-2554 to be provided with new log on credentials. For guidance on navigating the elections website, please view this helpful training video:

Please click here for the training video.

For those that plan to circulate paper petitions, all Slate and Individual Nominating Petitions will be available starting at 9AM on Monday, March 29, 2021. Please visit to download petitions and other election related forms.The PEF Triennial Election Committee can be reached Monday through Friday 9AM to 5PM at 800-342-4306 ext. 201 or by emailing

Thank you,
PEF Triennial Election Committee

March 17, 2021:

PEF Members:

PEF Contract Update:

At my direction, PEF's chief negotiator notified the state that we are looking to promptly resume formal contract negotiations and proposed dates in April to meet.

As we all know, it has been a year filled with extraordinary and unparalleled challenges. PEF's first priority was the health and safety of our members and the public we serve. We negotiated the emergency telecommuting pilot program and accrual agreements. We distributed masks. We have performed numerous hazard assessments for office re-occupancy. We filed lawsuits and grievances regarding matters such as rates of overtime pay and denial of COVID-related leave benefits. We have tirelessly advocated for the expansion of vaccine eligibility for front-facing workers.

Now, with more and more people expected to be vaccinated in the coming months, and with the passage of the American Rescue Act delivering much-needed aid to New York State, we believe it is appropriate for the state to come back to the table and resume negotiations. The PEF Contract Team has been meeting monthly, preparing proposals for various contingencies and is anxious to get back to the table. We look forward to providing further information as it becomes available.

In Unity,

Wayne Spence
PEF President

Darlene Williams
PEF Contract Team Chair

March 16, 2021:

PEF Members:

Contract update regarding 2021 Performance Awards:

2021 Performance Award

Payroll Bulletin 1898

February 25 2021:

PEF Members:

Division 211 Memebers PEF T-Shirt Distribution

Hello fellow PEF members, we in Division 211 have T-shirts to give out to you the membership. They are Navy Blue Short Sleeve T-shirts with a left front pocket PEF logo printed in Gold and a large “PEF DOES IT” on the back. Sizes available are Men’s Medium, Mens XL and a limited selection of 2XL.

Please see your division leaders to receive your T-Shirts when you are in the office next.

Ralph Mabb/Council Leader/Executive Board/Health & Safety Chair:
Cell: 518-944-0969

James Roy - Latham Vehicle Safety Steward/Div211 Secretary:

Nicole Cox - Division of Field Investigations Steward/Div211 Treasurer:

Megan Hill - Vehicle Safety Steward Swan St.:

February 7, 2021:

PEF Members:

We Need You - PEF Budget Priorities 2021-2022.

This week, PEF Vice President Randi DiAntonio delivered testimony at the Public Workforce hearing and did an outstanding job representing all PEF members. We now have until April 1, 2021, to contact elected officials throughout the state to fight back against the unfair and shortsighted proposals included in the governor's Executive Budget. Due to COVID restrictions, this year it will be very difficult to conduct in-person lobby days or physically meet with legislators. So it is even more imperative that each PEF member send a letter, email or call their local senator and assemblyperson to let them know why these legislative priorities are so important. Please use the links contained within this email to assist you in that effort.

PEF's 2021-2022 Budget Priorities

State Level Action Required

***For your convenience we have provided pre-written letters that we need you to send today. If you wish, you can download the Word or PDF formats included with each item below in order to personalize the letter based on your experience.

Click to send a pre-written letter:

Bed Reduction and Facility Closures at OMH

The governor seeks the ability to close any OMH facility during the 2021-22 fiscal year without proper notice. He is also looking to close beds at other facilities. Word Doc or PDF version.

Click to send a pre-written letter:

Expedited Closure of State Facilities

This budget proposal would allow the governor to close any prisons of his choosing with just 90 days' notice for the next two years and also close four OCFS facilities with only half the required notice time. Word Doc or PDF version.

Click to send a pre-written letter:

Consolidation of Facilities

The budget would consolidate the services of OCFS’s Community Multi-Services Offices by closing two facilities in New York City, along with those in Binghamton and Watertown. Word Doc or PDF version.

Click to send a pre-written letter:

Continued Reliance on Expensive Consultants

The budget contains a net decrease of 830 state employees. While some agencies have small increases, this does not make up for the thousands of full-time equivalent jobs (FTEs) cut by state budgets over the last decade. Many agencies have experienced 10-30% reductions in workforce during this time period. Word Doc or PDF version.

Click to send a pre-written letter:

OITS Comprehensive Contracts

The governor is seeking permission to allow OITS to use comprehensive technology service contracts. These contracts will exacerbate the growing problem of using expensive consultants instead of skilled state workers to perform the IT work of state agencies. Word Doc or PDF version.

Click to send a pre-written letter:

Defunding the State’s Neediest Hospitals

The budget proposal would eliminate Indigent Care Pool (ICP) funding for the three SUNY hospitals. This puts them in a terrible financial situation as they lost an $87 million subsidy two years ago. Word Doc or PDF version.

Click to send a pre-written letter:

Recognition for our COVID-19 Heroes

We are encouraging the Legislature to provide our essential workers, who sacrificed in service to their fellow New Yorkers during this pandemic, with some type of recognition, either a bonus or additional vacation time as a "thank you." Word Doc or PDF version.

Click to send a pre-written letter:

Balancing the Budget on the Backs of State Retirees

These budget proposals call for an end to the Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amounts (IRMAA), a cap on Medicare Part B reimbursements and a sliding scale of retiree health care costs for new state workers. The first two measures impact current retirees and the last one harms recruitment and retention of current employees. Word Doc or PDF version.

If you would rather call your legislator

Call your Assembly member: 518-455-4100 and ask for your state Assemblyperson

Find your Assemblyperson

Call your Senator: 518-455-2800 and ask for your state Senator

Find your Senator

Federal Level Action Requested

In addition to contacting elected leaders in New York State, we are partnering with SEIU on a letter-writing campaign targeting Congress.

Click to send a pre-written letter:

Federal Rescue Plan State/Local Aid

We are calling on Congress to take immediate action on comprehensive coronavirus relief legislation, including desperately needed funding for states, counties, cities, and schools, and an increase in states’ federal medical assistance percentage (FMAP). Word Doc or PDF version.

What are some other actions you can take?

  • Contact your PAC Chair (See listing below) and get involved with local and regional lobbying efforts to help us achieve our budget priorities for 2021
  • Familiarize yourself with the State PEF Legislative Agenda and the 2021 Federal Legislative Agenda; as approved by delegates to the PEF Convention
  • Check the PEF website and official PEF Facebook page often to make sure you are current about union activities and the issues facing PEF
  • Help enforce the PEF CONTRACT at your workplace
  • Go to the PEF website and update your contact information
  • View the most recent Communicator magazine
  • Visit our Political Action page for updated information
  • In Unity,

    Wayne Spence
    PEF President

    January 15, 2021:

    PEF Members:

    Contract update regarding PEF Dental Plan

    PEF is taking action to address member dissatisfaction with the dental insurance provided by New York State.

    For years there have been complaints about the dental benefit, not only by the PEF membership, but by the membership of other participating unions as well as management-confidential employees.

    A major problem with the current dental insurance provided by EmblemHealth is the balance billing that results in significant out-of-pocket expenses for our members. Balance billing occurs when a member uses out-of-network providers or when they receive services not covered by the State plan. Unfortunately, too many PEF members have to use out-of-network providers because EmblemHealth’s current network is simply deficient. Compared to other dental carriers, they just don’t have as many dentists signed up as participating providers. In addition, EmblemHealth’s reimbursement rates in these situations are very low and this adds to the out-of-pocket expenses.

    In order to assess our options to secure a dental benefit that better meets the needs of PEF members, including bringing the dental benefit "in-house" through a union benefit fund instead of through NYSHIP, PEF issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) to seven national dental carriers. We are happy to report that we received enthusiastic responses to the RFP from six of the seven carriers.

    PEF has been carefully analyzing the responses and continues to seek additional information from the carriers where needed. We recently selected four finalists for continued follow-up, eliminating two of the carriers whose proposals were comparatively lacking.

    In December and early January we had Zoom sessions with each finalist to allow for a more interactive exchange about our concerns, including with EmblemHealth. We let Emblem know in no uncertain terms how our members feel about the current coverage provided through the State. They were open to discussing how the network and benefit could be improved if we contracted with them directly.

    At this point we are honing in with each carrier to get detailed information about their networks to assure that they can provide improved network access in the problem areas of the state and to determine if/where each carrier may need to recruit additional dentists to assure such access.

    We also recognize that in some areas of New York, there are simply no dentists who participate with any carriers as participating providers. To that end, we are focusing on what guarantees each carrier would be able to provide to assure that our members would not be penalized for using out-of-network dentists if no in-network dentists are geographically available.

    All of the remaining carriers are eager to continue the discussion about how to provide a benefit that best meets the needs of PEF members.

    We will be sending out a dental survey in the next few weeks. Please take a moment to answer the survey as this will help us in the effort to obtain a dental benefit that better meets the needs of the membership.

    In Unity,

    Wayne Spence
    PEF President

    Darlene Williams, PEF Contract Chair

    December 10, 2020:

    PEF Members:

    PEF Statewide Membership Town Hall 12/17/2020 5:30PM

    At our December 3rd/4th Executive Board Meeting, we had two EBoard members suggest that we provide a comprehensive update on the state of the union to our membership. This will be similar to the EBoard reports. Taking that suggestion, I have scheduled a statewide membership telephone town hall next week. On Thursday, December 17, at 5:30 p.m. we are holding a telephone town hall with all PEF members about COVID-19 and other issues.

    Please join us on December 17 at 5:30 p.m. by clicking here.

    It is up to each of us to stay informed about what is happening and it is our responsibility as PEF leaders to give you the most updated information we have on the virus and how our members are being protected as they work to assist those who have been affected. We expect the call to last about an hour.

    Please join us and Sign up here.

    In Unity,

    Wayne Spence
    PEF President

    November 8, 2020:

    PEF Members:

    PEP Letter Writing Campaign

    As you know, the PEP MOU has expired and therefore not currently available to PEF members. This is not due to lack of effort on PEF's part. PEF has made multiple recent requests to the Governor's Office to extend the MOU so that PEF members can utilize a benefit that is extremely important. This benefit is especially needed during this current health crisis. My promise to you is that PEF will continue to pursue this particularly important benefit for you and all PEF members.

    Please note, that other New York State union's that negotiated a recent contract are being offered the PEP benefit, but at a cost. These other unions negotiated a 2% pay raise but had to agree to higher health care costs. Due to the COVID emergency, the other unions are not receiving the 2% raise, but they are currently paying higher health care costs they agreed to. PEF members are not paying the higher health care costs.

    The state has decided not to let PEF members participate in the 2021 Productivity Enhancement Program (PEP), and that is not acceptable to me and the members who now use the program to reduce their health insurance premiums by forfeiting some of their accrued leave. Please see the most recent Communicator article on PEP.

    PEF has launched a letter writing campaign directly to Governor Cuomo, as he is the only one that can extend this very important benefit. Simply click here for a pre-written letter that will be sent directly to the Governor. We have also provided a word version of the same letter if you want to personalize your letter click here.

    I am asking each of you to send one (1) letter in support of the PEP benefit. With your help we can make this happen, but it has to be everyone, not just a few. This is an opportunity to demonstrate to Governor Cuomo the importance of this benefit to his employees during a health crisis.

    In Unity,

    Wayne Spence
    PEF President

    October 8, 2020:

    PEF Members:

    Production Enhancement Program 2021 - The State has declined to open the 2021 Productivity Enhancement Program (PEP) to PEF members.
    Read the full memo.

    October 2, 2020:

    PEF Members:

    Statewide Telecommuting Agreement Extended until January 1, 2021.

    After days of continuous negotiations, we have just come to terms on extending the emergency agreement with the State for telecommuting during this time of crisis. As I have stated before, this program was an attempt to strike a balance between ensuring New York State can continue to function, while providing appropriate precautions for PEF members to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Although this is an emergency situation, we must proceed with a guarded mind to protect the integrity of the PEF contract and make sure our membership is shielded from interpretive managers.

    This agreement means a large scale continued use of telecommuting for both PEF and the State, but we believe we have built in the precautions necessary to protect our members.

    That said, there are some important things to remember about this agreement.

    First and foremost, this is an emergency, temporary agreement until January 1, 2021. The program can be extended upon agreement by both the State and PEF.

    This is an alternate work arrangement that allows some of our membership to conduct all or some of their work at home. State operations must continue but telecommuting will be approved to the greatest extent possible. This will relieve some of the stressful situations of those that must use mass transit, enter areas of population density and/or deal with the issues of closing schools or daycare. It will also allow for social distancing.

    Telecommuting under this agreement may be up to five days per week, whereas under our current contract, it is limited to four days per pay period.

    Please note that although we requested that all members be allowed to telecommute, each agency has the full discretion to deploy their workforce and each application must be approved by supervisors and human resources.

    We made sure to include protections for our members by negotiating built-in appeal processes for both mandatory and voluntary portions of the temporary agreement. We asked for and received a training, which occurs prior to the actual telecommuting. This is another step that protects our members.

    Telecommuters/members using personal devices will receive instruction on how to obtain VDI, VPN and/or an RSA token. These must be tested before telecommuting can begin. This is an agreement that not only protects our members but allows those members to continue to provide services during this emergency.

    Finally, this program will take effect immediately upon signature of the State and PEF. It can be extended upon agreement by both parties. This Pilot Program can be cancelled by the State in its sole discretion with one-week advance written notice to PEF.

    We know this has been a difficult time for everyone, but we hope this emergency agreement will allay some of those concerns. If you have any questions please contact your local leader or field representative.

    Telecommuting Pilot Program

    August 20, 2020:

    PEF Members:

    Contact Info and Activism

    PEF Members: Last night we held a Contract Town Hall, where President Spence and members of the PEF Contract Team answered members' questions about the status of contract negotiations. Click on the link to watch the the Contract Town Hall.

    Now is the time to take contract unity action. Click here to show the Governor PEF members speak with one voice:

    In Unity,

    Wayne Spence
    PEF President

    August 7, 2020:

    PEF Members:

    Coverage Effective Dates, 7-Day Rules Memo.

    July 29, 2020:

    PEF Members:

    EAP Toolkit on the PEF website which has many, many resource links readily available.

    June 22, 2020:

    PEF Members:

    PEF Face Masks

    PEF division 211 members, we have fabric masks available to those who are back to work in the Swan St. Building. If you work in the field and or remotely and you can manage to make it to Swan St. we can meet an arrange the pickup. If you would like a mask go see Ralph Mabb in room 419 to receive your mask. If you cannot make it to Room 419 give 518-944-0969 a call or text and he will get back to you.

    June 18, 2020:

    PEF Members:

    DMV DO's Update

    As you know, as a result of the membership feedback we got from Monday’s call, and our conversations with you, we presented a proposal to DMV yesterday. In short, the proposal allowed DMV to make schedule changes without the proper notice required by the contract, and allowed DMV to put in place shifts that covered their needs from 6 am to 8 pm. In exchange for agreeing to these changes, PEF proposed that PEF staff would be allowed to select their shifts before MC staff, that there would be options for either 5-day 8-hour schedules or 4-day 10-hour schedules in both the mornings and afternoon shifts. And PEF proposed that PEF members could only be mandated to work one Saturday per calendar month.

    In our discussions over the last few weeks, the Commissioner had asked PEF if we would at least come to a short-term 30-day agreement so that we could see if budget waivers were coming for the hiring of more PEF staff. Given that, the proposal that we offered DMV was a 30-day agreement.

    In our discussions over the last few weeks, the Commissioner had asked PEF if we would at least come to a short-term 30-day agreement so that we could see if budget waivers were coming for the hiring of more PEF staff. Given that, the proposal that we offered DMV was a 30-day agreement.

    Today, DMV rejected our proposal outright, and, despite initially asking PEF for a 30-day short-term agreement, DMV is now demanding that an agreement be permanent. Further, DMV said that under no circumstances will they agree to any restrictions on Saturday assignments. DMV also will not allow for a compressed schedule option in both AM and PM shifts, because they do not want to make M/C staff cover a potentially full open day. Only evenings would have the option of a compressed week. Further, DMV would not commit to using M/C staff to cover any Saturday hours to try to ease the burden on PEF staff.

    To try to find a solution, PEF even offered up possible alternatives, including that any if a 2-PEF staff office wanted both compressed schedules AM and PM, they be staggered (M-Th & Tu-F) so that only a half-day Monday and a half-day Friday would need to be covered, rather than one full day. DMV rejected all of our suggestions.

    DMV felt that despite efforts, there was no more to discuss if PEF wasn’t able to agree to the terms that they were offering us today.

    PEF is not putting an end to these negotiations. We are ready, willing, and able to continue to work with DMV to brainstorm ideas that work for both parties. It is unclear if DMV will be continuing dialogue with PEF. Therefore, PEF staff may be hearing from DMV about the implementation of new shift schedules. Short of an agreement with PEF, we believe that such changes would violate the agreement. However, as always, if your members are directed to work, they should "work now, grieve later": and PEF will protect our right to file grievances.

    Know that PEF continues to seek a resolution with DMV that benefits our members equally for the pain that these new schedules will inflict on our members.

    In solidarity,
    Shaun Francis
    Field Representative

    June 18, 2020:

    PEF Members:

    2020 DMV/CSEA/PEF Annual Clambake.

    June 8, 2020:

    PEF Members:

    EAP Toolkit for Members - EAP Toolkit.

    May 20, 2020:

    PEF Members:

    PEF has been working hard to set up guidelines and a plan for the inevitable return to work.

    Hello PEF Division 211 members, I wanted to let you know that PEF has been working hard to set up guidelines and a plan for the inevitable return to work that we will all be dealing with. Your local Stewards, Council Leaders, Statewide Executive Board representative and Health & Safety chairs want to assure you that your health and wellness is our main priority. We have been attending multiple conference calls and zoom meets to get informed and discuss the issues around the current health crisis.

    PEF HQ has a ton of material available on the PEF website and has been working hard to provide us with the latest most accurate information as possible.

    PEF HQ has provided your local leadership with a tool kit as well as an ongoing living breathing FAQ. In addition, we have also been working on a template for our ongoing conversations with management regarding the procedures and practices for when we all return to work.

    These are unprecedented times we are living in, and we want you to be aware that your leadership is here and working diligently. As always Division 211 is reachable via PEF emails, or via the Council Leader's phone number. In addition, you can always reach out to either of the Vehicle Safety Stewards and or the DFI Steward. Needless to say, information and processes are changing fast and furious and we continue to try to provide you with the most up to date information we have.

    After we have a plan in place with management I will provide that further information when it is available. Be well brothers and sisters, and thank you as for being a dedicated unionist.

    Ralph Mabb

    May 2, 2020:

    PEF Members:

    Calculation of overtime pay for those employees who were assigned to work overtime doing Dept of Labor and Dept of Health calls/assignments.

    PEF Contract Administration Department

    Guidance for Department of Labor UI and DOH Hotline Assignments

    April 27, 2020:

    Many PEF members have been asked to help out with Department of Labor (DOL) Unemployment Insurance Calls and the DOH COVID-19 hotline. Despite PEF’s repeated requests for the State to provide clarity to volunteers about the compensation for these assignments, the State failed to do so. Our members want to help out during this crisis and signed up for these assignments only to be advised after the fact that they would not be paid at their regular overtime rate of pay but rather at an overtime rate of a Salary Grade 9 or at an overtime rate based on the average of the employee’s salary grade and a Salary Grade 9.

    PEF strongly disagrees with the State’s failure to provide advance information regarding compensation in order for our members to make educated and voluntary decisions about signing up for such assignments. PEF also disagrees with the State’s determination to pay overtime at a lower rate of pay when such information was not disclosed in a timely manner. While PEF has and will continue to monitor and take appropriate action to remedy the situation, we cannot guarantee the outcome. In the meantime, PEF is providing the following guidance to our members who have or wish to volunteer for or are mandated to perform any COVID-19 related assignments outside of their regular job duties:

    1. Overtime assignments in a higher or lower salary grade must be voluntary. PEF-represented employees in the PS&T unit in salary grades 22 and below are eligible for overtime for hours worked over 40 in a week.
    2. In accordance with Division of Budget Bulletin 1024 and DOB regulations, where there is an advance agreement with the employee, compensation for overtime worked in a lower salary grade will be at the maximum overtime salary rate for the lower position plus longevity increments that the employee would be entitled to if the employee were in that lower salary grade position. In the case of the DOL work, this would be the maximum overtime salary rate (plus applicable longevities) for a SG 9.
    3. After numerous conversations with the State about overtime rates, GOER advised that where there was no such advance agreement with the employee, in accordance with Budget Bulletin 1024, employees will be paid at an overtime rate based on the average of the overtime rate for their regular position and the lower level position for the pay periods ending April 1 and April 15. Again, in the case of the DOL work, this would be an average between the employee’s regular overtime rate and the overtime rate of the SG 9. We will provide further information about the next pay period once received.
    4. In accordance with DOB Bulletin 1024, overtime ineligible employees in SGs 23-27 are to be paid for hours over 47.5 in a week for this DOL UI work at the maximum overtime rate of a SG 9 plus applicable longevities.
    5. PEF’s position is that an employee cannot be considered to have truly "volunteered" for a lower salary grade overtime assignment if the employee was not advised prior to accepting the assignment that the work would be compensated at a lower overtime rate of pay. The State disagrees. As mentioned above, while PEF will take action to try to remedy this, we cannot guarantee the outcome.
    6. We believe it will be hard for the State to show that there was an advance agreement in most cases since, from what has been reported to us, there was no notice that the DOL UI work would be compensated at other than the employee’s regular rate of pay until very recently.
    7. If you are being paid for overtime at a SG 9 for voluntary overtime at DOL or DOH and it was not clear in advance that the compensation would be based on a SG 9, please contact your PEF Field Representative immediately.
    8. required training during off hours should also be subject to overtime or compensatory time for overtime eligible employees.
    9. While applicable regulations provide that overtime in lower and higher salary grades must be voluntary, if you are nonetheless mandated to perform such overtime work, please contact your Filed Representative immediately. In such a situation, the employee must comply with the directive and grieve it later. However, PEF will vigorously advocate that that any such mandated work in a lower level title, if not stopped, is at least paid at the employee’s regular overtime rate of pay. If the mandated overtime is in a higher salary grade, then we will want to assure that the OT payment is at the higher rate of pay.
    10. Employees can be mandated to perform DOL UI and other COVID-19 related work during their regularly scheduled workweek. Those volunteering or mandated to perform such work during their regularly scheduled workweek will be paid at their regular rate of pay as such assignments will simply be considered "time worked."
    11. Anyone who is overtime eligible and who is required to standby and be available for assignments outside of regular work hours should be paid on-call pay at a rate of 25% of the employee’s daily rate of pay for each 8 hours, or part thereof, that the employee is on-call. If you have questions about your entitlement to on-call pay, please contact your PEF Field Representative.
    12. If you sign-up for any DOL or DOH shifts outside of your regular work hours, please make sure to confirm the compensation for the assignment and let your Field Representative know if you have any concerns.

    April 20, 2020:

    PEF Members:

    Tele-Town Hall on PEF's response to the COVID-19 pandemic

    On Thursday April 23 at 6:10 PM and again on Saturday April 25 at 10:10 AM, PEF President Wayne Spence will be holding a Tele-Town Hall on PEF's response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As each week goes by, new issues relating to COVID-19 arise and we want to make sure you have the information you need to stay safe in the workplace and at home.

    This week's calls will focus on Workers Compensation. Important information can be found here for your review:

    PEF OSH Factsheet: Workers Compensation and COVID-19

    PEF Member COVID-19 Exposure Tracking Form

    Attention "Essential" Workers: Workers' Compensation coverage may be available for COVID-19 Coronavirus

    Q & A on Work-Related Injuries/Illnesses

    Steps to take in a Workers' Compensation case

    NYS PEF: Article 13 Workers Compensation for PEF Members - Q&A on Work- Related Injuries/Illnesses

    Please register below in order to participate in one of the calls. Upon completion of the registration form, you will be emailed individualized call-in information on a first-come first-serve basis. Register for a call here:

    Click here to register for Thursday 4/23

    Click here to register for Saturday 4/25

    The calls will be recorded and the audio will be available on the PEF website for anyone who was unable to listen in while the calls were live.

    April 2, 2020:

    PEF Members:

    The AFT is offering a new benefit - Trauma Coverage - because we know that our members, while fully focused on serving their communities, often neglect to seek help and healing for their own personal traumas. This innovative program uses the latest communication technologies - phone, text and video to assist members whenever needed, wherever a member may be. Sessions with highly trained, licensed therapists are completely private and offered free to all active working members, including those on leave status.

    March 25, 2020:

    PEF Members:

    PEF Director of Contract Administration put together a FAQ document based on the many questions we have been receiving from our members. The Q&A document will be updated regularly as new information becomes available.

    We know this is a stressful and, at times, confusing period. Please continue to check the PEF website and social media pages for updated information and please feel free to send us your questions and concerns.

    March 16, 2020:

    PEF Members:

    Urgent - Statewide COVID-19 Non-Essential Employee Guidance:

    In response to the public health emergency for the COVID-19 virus, this memorandum directs all non-essential State employees for New York State’s agencies and public authorities in every county, starting tomorrow to not report to work for the next two weeks. This directive expands statewide the directive yesterday that exclusively focused on State employees working in the counties of Rockland, Westchester, Bronx, Manhattan, Richmond, Kings, Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk.

    For the purpose of this directive, essential employees are defined as anyone whose job function is essential to the effective operation of their agency or authority, or who must be physically present to perform their job, or who is involved in the COVID-19 emergency response. Non-essential employees are defined as anyone who does not need to be physically present to perform job functions, or they are not required to meet the core function and programs of their agency during this emergency response.

    At this time, non-essential employees shall work from home, to the extent practicable. Where non-essential employees can be assigned to perform critical work outside of their normal state workplace, this is permitted. Employees will not be charged their accruals to fulfill this directive. Anyone designated non-essential shall call an agency contact no later than one hour prior to their regular start time, to ensure any change in status can be communicated.

    Each agency or authority is responsible for working with their respective Deputy Secretary in the Executive Chamber to designate essential personnel, communicate to all employees their status and any expectations about expected work from home, or whether and where to report to perform essential functions for COVID-19 response. Agencies that host functions for other agencies shall communicate any operational changes. Nothing in this directive shall prohibit agencies from recruiting volunteers or mandating staff to support the response efforts across the state for COVID-19.

    Agencies and authorities may change an employee’s designation as either essential or non-essential at any time and, as the operational needs of the response shift, the specific functions or locations may be modified accordingly at any time. Please distribute this memorandum to your employees and the employees of any agency you host.

    March 11, 2020:

    PEF Members:

    On Wednesday evening March 11, at 7:00 p.m. we’re having a special telephone town hall with our members about the COVID-19 and what PEF is doing to protect the communities where we live and our members who are on the front lines of fighting this virus. We are working closely with the Governor’s office and his staff to make sure we are providing them with information from the field and that they are communicating with us on the latest news of the outbreak. Please join us on Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. for the PEF Coronavirus Tele-townhall.

    Additional information.

    February 25, 2020:

    PEF Members:

    Contract Update: Team committed to getting the contract you deserve.

    By Kate Mostaccio

    President Wayne Spence and the PEF Contract Team continue to try to engage the state in meaningful dialogue on issues crucial to a contract, including longevity, dental benefits, across-the-board salary increases, and expansion of the Productivity Enhancement Program (PEP).

    "Our bargaining demands are consistently being met with 'no' from across the table," said Contract Team Chair Darlene Williams. "Our team is ready to sit down at the table and work out a fair contract but the state continues to say 'no' to our proposals."

    High on the list of priorities is increasing longevity pay - something that has remained stagnant since the late 1980s. The Contract Team is fighting for longevity that is "meaningfully proportional" to salaries, Williams said.

    "We are also working hard to improve our dental benefits," Williams said. "We want a better plan that works for everybody. Many of our members lack access and we want to fix that."

    The team is still waiting for data requested from the state to facilitate negotiations around dental benefits.

    Talks have also broached on expanding the PEP program, which allows eligible employees to exchange accrued annual vacation leave and/or personal leave in return for credit to be applied toward their employee share of health insurance premiums on a biweekly basis.

    The Contract Team is also negotiating to achieve gains for PEF members with unique needs, such as hourly employees, fire protection specialists and nurses.

    "Some inequities our union brothers and sisters are facing are troubling," Williams said. "We are advocating for all members within the bargaining unit."

    Hourlies face unique challenges and are ineligible for benefits afforded to other PEF members, such as performance awards and location pay, and are paid sometimes substantially less for the same work. Read some of their stories here. PEF nurses are up against pay inequity with private facilities as well as short staffing. And, fire protection specialists provide valuable assistance in emergencies and care for canines on a 24-hour basis without compensation.

    Take action now

    PEF has launched a new website,, where you can easily submit you support for a fair contract to elected officials.

    "All you have to do is click on 'Demand a Fair Contract', fill in your name and email address, and your support will be shared with elected officials," Williams said. "So far, more than 4,000 people have demanded a fair contract for PEF. We need to keep growing that number. We need every member to do this."

    Also featured on PEFStrong are member stories. You can lend your voice to the effort to reach out to the public by sharing your own stories. You can remain anonymous. Submit letters to *protected email*.

    "The more stories we share, the more support we can get from the community," Williams said. "Make your voice heard."

    Share who we are

    Help keep the PEF contract in the social media spotlight by sharing PEF’s new video highlighting the varied jobs of members and how they impact New York communities. Share this link on social media accounts, along with the hashtag #PEFDOESIT.

    The link is https:/

    "We want the community to know what PEF members do for them," Williams said. "Bridge inspectors, parole officers, nurses, engineers, scientists, and so many more - these are all professions the public can relate to and benefits from every day in some way."

    You can also display PEFDOESIT signs at your workplace, on bulletin boards, in cubicles, wherever your agency permits. Take photos with your sign, share the photos on social media with the PEFDOESIT hashtag and submit them to so we can share them on PEF’s official social media accounts.

    "Sharing the video and PEFDOESIT photos helps us put the power of our 52,000 members behind us when we are at the bargaining table," Williams said.

    February 10, 2020:

    PEF Members:

    PEF 2020-2021 Budget Priorities - Call to Action.

    Dear PEF Member,

    We now have until April 1, 2020 to contact our elected officials throughout the state. I would ask that every PEF member take the time to visit, email or call their local legislators with the enclosed information. When you contact your local elected Senator and Assemblyperson, this information will assist in explaining the harmful budget proposals against PEF members and PEF retirees.

    Click here to print out the PEF 2020-2021 Budget Priorities

    ***Please utilize the pre-written letter's. Or you can use the Word / PDF format, so that you can personalize to your liking.

    OCFS Youth Leadership Closure:
    Pre-Written Letter
    Word Format

    SUNY & Roswell Funding:
    Pre-Written Letter
    Word Format

    DOCCS Prison Closure:
    Pre-Written Letter
    Word Format

    OITS Contracting:
    Pre-Written Letter
    Word Format

    Retiree Health Care:
    Pre-Written Letter
    Word Format

    Jail-Based Restoration to Competency:
    Pre-Written Letter
    Word Format

    Downsizing at State Agencies:
    Pre-Written Letter
    Word Format

    Design – Build Expansion:
    Pre-Written Letter
    Word Format

    For additional information, please see the 2020 Briefing Book

    If you would rather Call Your Legislator:
    Call your Assembly member: 518-455-4100 and ask for your Assemblyperson
    Find your Assemblyperson

    Call your Senator:518-455-2800 and ask for your Senator
    Find your Senator

    What are some other actions you can take?

    Contact your PAC Chair (listing below) and get involved with local regional lobbying and help us ensure our budget priorities for 2020 are achieved;

    Familiarize yourself with the 2020 State PEF Legislative Agenda and the 2020 Federal Legislative Agenda as approved by the 2019 PEF Convention Delegates.

    Check the PEF website, PEF Facebook and PEF Twitter pages often to make sure you are informed about union activities and the issues facing PEF.

    Help enforce the PEF CONTRACT.

    Go to the PEF website and update your contact information.

    View the recent Communicator magazine.

    If you have not already done so, Re-commit to your union.


    Wayne Spence, President

    January 2, 2020:

    PEF Members:

    Exam Announcements.

    November 6, 2019:

    PEF Members:

    PEF Region 8 Holiday Party is coming up.

    Region 8 is having our annual Holiday Party on Friday, December 6th, at the Colonie Elks Club. This year we are thrilled to announce that we have one of the Capital District’s premiere DJ’s, DJ TGIF, coming to keep everyone dancing. The ticket price includes appetizers, a buffet dinner, dessert, two drink coupons, raffles and door prizes, all for $18 for members and retirees, and $28 for Non-Members/Guests. If you would like to attend, please contact the regional secretary Melissa Gladding at or 518-785-1900 ext. 215.

    Hope to see you there!
    Mike Blue
    PEF Region 8 Coordinator

    Earlier this week, DMV sent out an announcement via email to field staff employees asking them to complete our de-escalation training needs assessment survey. The anonymous survey is approximately 10 questions and will help develop a specialized training for our field staff employees. Staff will have access to the survey link until June 14, 2019.

    September 19, 2019:

    PEF Members:

    PEF is Union Strong Message.

    August 14, 2019:

    PEF Members:

    March with PEF on Labor Day, fight for your contract!!

    We ask that you RSVP so PEF can assure enough supplies for all participants.

    RSVP for Region 1 through 8 Parades here: http//

    RSVP for Region 9 through 12 NYC Parade here:

    Click here to download a flyer for Region 1 through 8 Labor Day Parades

    Click here to download a flyer for Region 9 through 12 NYC Labor Day Parade

    There’s a saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words."

    Imagine the Governor marching in the New York City Labor Day Parade, followed three to four spots later in the lineup by hundreds of PEF members with signs demanding a fair contract for all the work they do as nurses, parole officers, fire protection specialists, and so many more titles?

    That’s the picture PEF wants to show the Governor and New Yorkers this year, and we need your help.

    "We need people to show up," said Dan Carpenter, PEF’s assistant director of field organizing. "We need to be able to put people in the streets with signs that say PEF demands a fair contract."

    Contract Team Chair Darlene Williams and her team have been working hard at the bargaining table for every PEF member and she is putting out the call for members to give a few hours of their time to help send the Governor a strong message.

    "I do not want to be at that parade with only 50 people behind me," she said. "Bring your friends, bring your kids, bring your family, bring your pets. We need everybody. We need you at the parades. People need to be at every one of these parades."

    Another parade in Massena, Region 7, has been added to the RSVP page. Regions 9 and 12 will bus marchers to the New York City parade, Carpenter said.

    The Contract Team is fighting for across the board pay increases and standing firm against increased health care costs, among myriad other small and big table negotiations. "If you’re willing to fight for a contract, then you have got to show up. It can’t be 9 people or 50. It’s got to be hundreds," Carpenter said.

    Members and guests are asked to RSVP so PEF can assure enough supplies for all participants.

    RSVP for Region 1 through 8 Parades here: http//

    RSVP for Region 9 through 12 NYC Parade here:

    Click here to download a flyer for Region 1 through 8 Labor Day Parades

    Click here to download a flyer for Region 9 through 12 NYC Labor Day Parade


    Monday, Sept. 2 — New York State Fair, Syracuse, Region 4

    Monday, Sept. 2 — Buffalo, Region 1

    Monday, Sept. 2 — Rochester, Region 3

    Monday, Sept. 2 — Massena, Region 7

    Friday, Sept. 6 — Albany, Region 8

    Saturday, Sept. 7 — New York City, Regions 10 & 11 (bus service from Regions 9 and 12)

    Information for additional Labor Day Parades will be added as it is received.


    August 5, 2019:

    PEF Members:

    This is just a gentle reminder that Region 8 is going to the New York State Fair on Wednesday August 21st (Leaving from the Crossgates Mall Auxiliary Parking lot adjacent to Macy’s) and we still have some seats available. The admission fee for the fair is $1 and the cost of the bus is free to members and one guest. If you would like to join us and you haven’t already signed up, please contact PEF Region 8 Secretary Melissa Gladding at or call 518-785-1900 ext. 215. See this flyer for more information.

    Hope to see you there!
    Mike Blue, PEF Region 8 Coordinator

    July 23, 2019:

    PEF Members:

    PEF Region 8 - American Red Cross Fundraiser

    Region 8 is trying to raise money, to help the American Red Cross provide disaster relief services to all of the many disaster victims around the country. From wildfires, to hurricanes, to floods, tornadoes, blood drives, to even a simple house fire, The American Red Cross is there to help. Please help us to raise funds to support this organization. You never know when you or your family might need them.

    To ensure that our chosen charity, The American Red Cross, receives your donation please print both pages of this flyer and present the Blaze Pizza flyer when cashing out your purchases. (Online orders cannot participate in this fundraiser but telephone orders can!)

    Mike Blue, PEF Region 8 Coordinator

    June 3, 2019:

    PEF Members:

    Earlier this week, DMV sent out an announcement via email to field staff employees asking them to complete our de-escalation training needs assessment survey. The anonymous survey is approximately 10 questions and will help develop a specialized training for our field staff employees. Staff will have access to the survey link until June 14, 2019.

    May 22, 2019:

    PEF Members:

    #ashtag Fridays campaign kicks off to show support for the PEF Contract Team.

    April 30, 2019:

    PEF Members:

    ALERT – Spring is here and so are Anti-Union Canvassers!

    February 22, 2019:

    PEF Members:

    Please see the attached 2019-2020 budget memo to the New York State legislature along with the "issue, impact and solution" fact sheet, which includes the recent 30 day budget amendments.

    Wayne Spence
    PEF President

    February 1, 2019:

    PEF Members:

    Contract talks on a new PS&T contract officially kicked off yesterday morning, as members of the PEF contract team and the Governor’s negotiating team met face-to-face for the first time.

    We will be providing you with regular updates as the talks progress. Be sure to check the PEF website, social media pages and eCommunicator for updates and information on the contract negotiations.

    On the first day of talks, in a video message, PEF’s Chief Negotiator Mark Richard wanted to assure you that the concerns our team heard from the membership, both at in-person meetings and on our tele-town halls, will be addressed during negotiations.

    To view the video, go to the PEF website and click on the Member Login tab. You will need to enter your PEF Membership Identification Number (MIN) to get access to the video. Winning The Future Together!

    In Unity,

    Wayne Spence
    PEF President

    January 22, 2019:

    PEF Members:

    As you begin preparations to file your 2018 tax returns we want to remind you that beginning this year, union members in New York State can deduct their union dues from their state income taxes, as long as they itemize deductions on their state taxes. It is important to point out that taxpayers can now itemize deductions on their state taxes even if they don’t itemize on their federal taxes.

    Two years ago, I along with PEF legislative staff and the support of the New York State AFL-CIO, led the charge for passage of a bill to allow union dues deductions. As a result of our efforts and that of organized labor in New York State, we were successful in getting this legislation passed and signed into law by Governor Cuomo, who said he recognized the importance of unions to the overall well-being of the state.

    Please share this information with union members. It’s important for our members to know that when they pay their dues, which keeps us strong in the face of continued attacks on organized labor, they can now deduct those dues when they itemize their state tax deductions.

    Winning the Future Together!

    In Unity,

    Wayne Spence
    PEF President

    January 15, 2019:

    PEF Members:

    As we face increased attacks from anti-union forces and simultaneously move closer to contract negotiations, it is time to get REAL about exercising our collective power and putting the words 'Stronger Together' into action!

    The PEF contract team would like to have REAL conversations with REAL PEF members about addressing your REAL issues within the contract. Come talk to us at one of the meetings in Region 8.

    1. Wednesday, January 23rd from 11 to 2 PM at Meeting Room 1 in the Empire State Plaza in Albany. This is a general membership meeting and open to all PEF members. For more information an a flyer you can share with your fellow PEF members click here.
    2. Wednesday, January 23rd from 4 to 6 PM at Meeting Room 1 in the Empire State Plaza in Albany. This is a general membership meeting and open to all PEF members. For more information an a flyer you can share with your fellow PEF members click here.
    3. Thursday, Jan. 31st from 12:00-1:00 pm at Room 255 Building 8 State Campus in Albany. This is a meeting for members located at this building only. For more information an a flyer you can share with your fellow PEF members click here.
    4. Thursday, January 31st from 6 to 8 PM at the PEF office located at 1168-70 Troy-Schenectady road in Latham. This is a general membership meeting and open to all PEF members. For more information an a flyer you can share with your fellow PEF members click here.

    Your feedback is important!

    Food and refreshments will be provided. Please RSVP using this link:

    We’re looking forward to seeing you.
    Darlene Williams
    PEF Contract Chair

    December 11, 2018:

    PEF Members:

    ALERT – Anti-union elves reported in the Capital District

    a name="2018-11">

    November 21, 2018:

    PEF Members:

    PEF Contract Survey.

    More Information.

    September 25, 2018:

    PEF Members:

    Bi-Annual Membership Meeting.
    Tuesday, November 6th 12pm.

    More Information.

    August 2, 2018:

    PEF Members:

    PEF leaders sworn in, commit to strengthening the union.

    More Information.

    July 19, 2018:

    PEF Members:

    PEF On the Move - Stay in to Win!

    Dear PEF Member:

    We have been informed by our membership that an anti-union group is contacting all state employees on their state email addresses. This is NOT an official state email, nor is it condoned by the Governor’s office. We thank the Governor for working so expeditiously to help protect our members against this type of harassment. Please do not be fooled by this campaign! Their goal is to reduce the membership of unions like PEF to weaken our power to fight attacks on your rights, salaries and benefits. Now, more than ever, we need to stand together. PEF members, always remember that this is your union and our strength comes from each and every one of YOU. PEF’s strength is in our numbers; 52,000 members strong.

    Let's look at the facts:

    • It is a fact that workers in unions earn 13 percent more than similar workers without unions.
    • It is a fact that unions create safer workplaces.
    • It is a fact that unions give us the ability to retire with dignity.
    • Strong unions make strong communities.

    One way you can help us fight these attacks and show our strength is to sign a new updated PEF membership card and help us continue to fight together for all the rights we have won and deserve. Together, through our union, we not only fight for ourselves but for the communities we serve.

    If you have questions, please reach out to your Regional Coordinator, Executive Board member, Council Leader, Steward, or PEF Field Representative.

    We Are Stronger Together!
    Wayne Spence
    PEF President

    July 18, 2018:

    PEF Members:

    NYS Unions Post Janus Q&A.

    More Information.

    July 11, 2018:

    PEF Members:

    CSEA/DMV/PEF Annual Clambake
    Friday August 3

    Duke's Grove - 486 Hudson River Rt 4, Waterford, NY 12188

    Clambake Ticket Sales - Core 2 Lobby
    11:30 - 1:30
    Thursday July 12 & Thursday July 26, 2018

    Lobster Ticket - $55.00
    Steak Ticket - $50.00
    Chicken Ticket - $45.00

    CSEA Local 674 & PEF Division 211 Members will receive a rebate of $25.00 off the ticket price

    *Have your ID available at time of purchase and at sign in at the bake

    • No alcohol is to be brought onto the premises
    • No tickets sold at the gate
    • No children are allowed at the clambake

    July 11, 2018:

    PEF Members:

    PEF Open Enrollment - Protect Youself and Your Family.

    More Information.

    July 2, 2018:

    PEF Members:

    PEF Executive Board enacts new policy for non-members as a result of the Janus decision.

    More Information.

    June 19, 2018:

    PEF Members:

    PEF MBP Sponsored Insurance Enhancements, Rate Reduction and Open Enrollment.

    We are pleased to announce that beginning September 1, 2018 through November 20, 2018 there will be a modified open enrollment for the Group Term Life, Short Term Disability and Long Term Disability products. We are also happy to announce there will be a 5% reduction in the premiums for those members who are currently enrolled in the PEF MBP sponsored Group Term Life insurance. Please see the additional enhancements that have been added to these products below.

    Group Term Life
    • All members who are currently enrolled in the PEF MBP Sponsored Group Term Life Insurance through Sun Life Financial will have their premiums decrease by 5% as of September 1, 2018
    • Open enrollment allowing members to enroll in or increase their coverage for themselves or their dependent by 1 level without medical questions asked.
    • Dependent Child coverage increased from $4,000 to $15,000 with no additional premiums.
    Short Term Disability:
    • Enhanced coverage levels and will include a new $600 and $700 weekly benefit up to 26 weeks starting September 1, 2018.
    • Increased the guaranteed issue amount from the current $300 level to $400.
    • Open enrollment allowing members to enroll in or increase their coverages with no medical questions asked! *
    Long Term Disability:
    • Open enrollment allowing members to enroll in or increase their coverages with no medical questions asked! *

    The PEF Membership Benefits Trustees are pleased that we can offer these enhancements and premium rate reductions. As always, we are commitment to providing quality benefits and services to PEF's membership.

    *Certain restriction apply.

    May 16, 2018:

    PEF Members:

    Bi-Annual Membership Meeting
    Friday, June 8th 12PM - Room 137.

    Register by calling:
    Ralph Mabb 486-5876
    James Roy 783-7062
    Nicole Cox 408-2856

    More Information.

    May 3, 2018:

    PEF Leaders:

    Thank you to everyone who was able to join us for the May 1, 2018 Tele-Town Hall meeting to discuss recent changes to the Taylor Law, member engagement and our next steps forward. As discussed, please have each member sign the Existing Member Application.

    Below is a recap of the important information that was shared on Tuesday night by PEF General Counsel Ed Aluck, Director of Field Organizing Mike Farrell and Legislative Director Greg Amorosi.

    The final New York State 2018-19 budget contained numerous positive changes to the Taylor Law that will help keep us strong in the aftermath of an expected negative decision in Supreme Court case Janus v AFSCME. The changes, the first in 50 years, protect a public employee’s right to join a union, and union member rights in the public sector once they have joined a union.

    Taylor Law Changes Signed into Law to Protect Public Employee Unions:

    • Requires public employers such as the State to provide the names, work locations and contact numbers of all new hires and rehires to the union within 30 days of employment.
    • Requires public employers to provide reasonable time during work hours within 30 days of the above notification for the employee organization to meet with all new hires, without loss of employee leave time.
    • Codifies that individuals can now sign dues authorization cards via alternative methods allowed by state technology law, allowing emails and other electronic means, including voice authorization, to be accepted by the employer.
    • Requires employers to begin dues deduction within 30 days of receiving a member’s dues authorization card and requires remittance of the dues to the union within 30 days of making the deduction.
    • Codifies that members who have left service and return within a one-year period will automatically have their membership reinstated and a member who is placed on voluntary or involuntary leave will automatically have membership reinstated upon return to the payroll.
    • Codifies that the withdrawal process from the union and the member’s obligation to pay dues may be determined by the terms of the union dues authorization card that the member signed.
    • Codifies that the union can offer benefits and services that are above and beyond a negotiated agreement to its members only. To protect due-paying members from "free-riders", the language codifies that the union’s obligation to represent non-members is limited to the negotiation and enforcement of the contract.
    • The new law provides that the union is not required to represent non-members in disciplinary procedures or performance evaluation appeals when the non-member is authorized to get their own representation.

    Next Steps:

    Additional News!!!

    Ushering in a new level of cooperation with the Civil Service Agency:

    • Just this week and for the first time ever, Civil Service has now agreed to quarterly Executive Labor Management meetings with PEF leadership. The priorities at these quarterly meetings will remain timely exams for your advancement opportunities; fair process for scoring exams; and selective certification safeguards, which include justifying any profile changes.
    • All PEF members are now entitled to sign up for the "Civil Service Institute", in person and online classes designed to help you fully understand the civil service system and how mobility opportunities work.

    Thank you for all you do. We Are Stronger Together!

    Wayne Spence

    April 2, 2018:

    PEF Members:

    Great News!

    Late last evening, the final version of the 2018-19 NYS Budget was agreed upon. I am proud to announce that ALL of the negative issues, that were designated as PEF budget priorities, have been removed. Highlights include; restoring $78.6 million dollars for SUNY hospital funding , $2 Million dollars for OITS training and rejected the DOCCS proposal to circumvent the PEF contract during disciplinary proceedings.

    Read more.

    March 27, 2018:

    PEF Members:

    Triennial Election Debate - To be held May 24, 2018

    Questions for the upcoming debate are now being solicited. Information requested though the below link includes member’s first name, last name, and question(s). A drop down box is provided to indicate which office position the question(s) should be directed to. None of the fields are required.

    (Click here to submit debate questions)
    If you have any questions, please contact the Triennial Election Committee at 800-342-4306 Ext. 400.
    Thank you,
    Karen Danish
    Chair, Triennial Election Committee

    February 13, 2018:

    PEF Members:

    City and State magazine discuss Janus and its potential impact on NY State unions.

    January 18, 2018:

    PEF Members:

    Region 8 Holiday Party - Friday, December 1, 2017.

    As we prepare for the Janus v. AFSCME decision, I am pleased to announce that PEF is the first union to create a Janus TOOLKIT

    This toolkit is located on the PEF website and is a great membership resource. Each of these tools will be helpful in amplifying the importance of PEF and the value of union membership. We are currently holding multiple "Janus" meetings and preparing (weather appropriate) statewide one-on-one door knocking campaigns. If you are interested in participating in these Janus campaigns, please contact Dan Carpenter (

    PEF toolkit highlights:

    October 17, 2017:

    PEF Members:

    Bi-Annual Membership Meeting
    Friday, October 20, 2017, 12PM

    More Information.

    October 6, 2017:

    PEF Members:

    Region 8 Holiday Party - Friday, December 1, 2017.

    More Information.

    September 14, 2017:

    PEF Members:

    The Equifax breach is a stark reminder about identity theft protection. Every year 10 million Americans have their identity stolen. Here is what you need to know about the Equifax breach. NYS Attorney General Schneiderman launches investigation.

    Equifax Breach Quick Facts: Equifax is one of the 3 major credit bureaus and has access to some of the most sensitive information. If you have a credit report, there’s a good chance that you’re one of the 143 million American consumers whose sensitive personal information was exposed in a data breach at Equifax.

    Number of people affected: Approximately 143 million Americans, which is 44% of the population.

    Types of data compromised: Social Security numbers, driver's license numbers, date of birth, credit card information and more...

    What does this mean? 143 million people and their families are at risk of their identities being stolen and it could take up to 18 months to resolve, and they may need to take off work time to deal with this issue.

    What can you do? There are steps to take to help protect your information from being misused. Visit Equifax’s website, (This link takes you away from our site. is not controlled by the FTC.)

    • Find out if your information was exposed. Click on the "Potential Impact" tab and enter your last name and the last six digits of your Social Security number. Your Social Security number is sensitive information, so make sure you’re on a secure computer and an encrypted network connection any time you enter it. The site will tell you if you’ve been affected by this breach.
    • Whether or not your information was exposed, U.S. consumers can get a year of free credit monitoring and other services. The site will give you a date when you can come back to enroll. Write down the date and come back to the site and click "Enroll" on that date. You have until November 21, 2017 to enroll.
    • You also can access frequently asked questions at the site.

    Here are some other steps to take to help protect yourself after a data breach:

    • As a PEF member you can visit PEF Member Benefits Identity Theft Services
    • Check your credit reports from Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion — for free — by visiting Accounts or activity that you don’t recognize could indicate identity theft. Visit to find out what to do.
    • Monitor your existing credit card and bank accounts closely for charges you don’t recognize.
    • Consider placing a fraud alert on your files. A fraud alert warns creditors that you may be an identity theft victim and that they should verify that anyone seeking credit in your name really is you.
    • File your taxes early — as soon as you have the tax information you need, before a scammer can. Tax identity theft happens when someone uses your Social Security number to get a tax refund or a job. Respond right away to letters from the IRS.

    Visit to learn more about protecting yourself after a data breach.

    Wayne Spence
    PEF President

    September 3, 2017:

    PEF Members:

    On Labor Day, PEF and other union members around the nation celebrate the economic and social contributions of workers that strengthen the prosperity and well-being of our country. We know when unions are strong, our country and our state are strong.

    It is also a day to unite with union brothers and sisters, as public employees face new and tougher challenges.

    For example, this year on the November 2017 ballot, voters will be asked to decide whether to call a constitutional convention to rewrite the New York State Constitution. We believe a constitutional convention would have far-reaching effects that would put labor rights, like the right to unionize and public pensions at risk, as well as threaten many of the benefits and services New Yorkers rely on, like public education. PEF, along with a coalition of other unions and groups believe a constitutional convention is wrong and is urging New Yorkers to vote no. If you'd like more information, there is a Constitutional Convention Toolkit on the PEF website and your regional office has Vote No lawn signs. When you are out this Labor Day, please take a moment to talk to your family and neighbors about the consequences of a constitutional convention.

    We are facing the marginalization of the state workforce through civil service erosion and the privatization of our jobs. We hope to have legislative hearings on these issues during the upcoming legislative session.

    And this fall, the United States Supreme Court is expected to agree to hear the Janus v. AFSCME case, an effort by powerful corporate interests to ban fair-share union dues and weaken public sector unions.

    In spite of all this, as I traveled to PEF regions around the state this summer, I was heartened by the enthusiasm and energy of PEF members wherever I went. Coming together over workplace issues or legislative issues makes us stronger, for what impacts one segment of our union, impacts us all.

    Finally, on this Labor Day, our thoughts and prayers are with the residents of Texas and the brave first responders on the scene of the devastation from Hurricane Harvey. Please check the PEF website and social media pages in the next few days for information on how to get involved with PEF Hurricane Harvey Relief.

    Thank you all for everything you do at your jobs, for your communities and for PEF. I hope to see you at one of the Labor Day parades or events going on around the state. The PEF website and social media pages have a complete listing of Labor Day events in PEF regions.

    Happy Labor Day and remember Together We Win!

    In unity,
    Wayne Spence
    PEF President

    August 28, 2017:

    PEF Members:

    Our brothers and sisters in Texas need our help

    We just got off the phone with AFT leaders in Texas. As everyone who has turned on an electronic device this weekend knows, the state, particularly the Gulf Coast, has been hit with a catastrophic hurricane, with record rainfall. CNN has called Harvey unprecedented and catastrophic. We’re following the situation closely and hammering out exactly how we are going to help. Our leaders and staff have been in touch with our members constantly since Friday to make sure everyone is all right.

    Nearly two feet of water fell in Houston on Saturday night alone. Our leaders there have been texting members, and most have checked in as physically safe, but many are without power. They’re particularly worried about seniors and retirees, and will continue to check on them.

    We’ve heard from Corpus Christi that there’s major flood and storm damage. And in Rockport, the high school is completely destroyed. Many are worried now about gas leaks and fires from the damage in the aftermath of the storm.

    While we are calling on the federal and state government to help, this is the time for us to help too. We, as a union family, must respond as we have in past crises.

    The AFT’s disaster relief fund is working to make sure that AFT members and the communities we serve receive help and relief during and after this storm. All three of us have just made contributions to the relief fund, and we wanted to give others the chance to help our brothers and sisters in their time of need.

    Donate to the AFT’s disaster relief fund here.

    The donations to the relief fund will help our members and affected communities—from Corpus Christi to Houston—rebuild. Whether it is home damage, ruined cars, injuries from the floods or even lost school material, we’re going to make sure people get back on their feet. And we’ve been asked to make sure our members in the affected areas see this message—so they know what their union is doing in their time of need.

    The storm looks like it’s going to go on for days. This is the type of storm that leaves communities devastated for years to come.

    Again, we’re calling on the federal government to do everything it can, just as it did with Superstorm Sandy. We’ll continue to push government officials to implement immediate and effective disaster relief programs. The Texas AFL-CIO is also exploring coordination with other aid groups, such as the Red Cross and United Way. But as an AFT family, we must be quick to act.

    Every bit counts—donate to the AFT disaster relief fund today.

    When our members return to their schools, both they and their students’ families will be rebuilding and recovering. Let’s make sure that Texas educators have the resources and support they need. Let’s make sure our communities are supported.

    Texas AFT is already mapping out how to deliver clean water and other supplies to affected areas, and we have posted resources on Share My Lesson to help students and families coping with natural disasters. Help us make a difference right now by donating to the AFT disaster relief fund in support of Texas.

    Let’s keep our sisters and brothers in Harvey’s wake, and their communities and their loved ones, in our thoughts and prayers.

    This is a reminder that nominating petitions must be received by May 24, 2017 at 5:00 PM. For additional information contact Kristie Furman, Divisions Coordinator at 800-342-4306 Ext 231 or email at:

    In unity,
    Randi Weingarten, AFT President
    Lorretta Johnson, AFT Secretary-Treasurer
    Mary Cathryn Ricker, AFT Executive Vice President

    June 16, 2017:

    PEF Members:

    The PEF Legislative Department, Statewide Political Action Committee and leadership have been actively engaged with the PEF 2017 legislative issues throughout the session. Your many emails and letters helped tremendously with the 2017 budget priorities, so I am respectfully requesting your assistance once again.

    The Legislative Office and SWPAC have assembled the following PEF legislative letters/links for you to send to your locally elected State Senators and Assemblypersons. If you wish to quickly support the legislation you can simply click on the "SUPPORT THIS BILL" link below. Once you click on the link you will see a blue box off to the right side that asks "Do you support this legislation?" Click "Aye" and then you will be asked to fill out a very short form. That’s all there is, you can send a message to the legislature and support PEF legislation in less than a minute.

    However, if you prefer to send a letter/email you can scroll to the pre-written letters below. There, you will also find a link to find your senate and Assembly members, should you prefer to contact directly. Identified PEF legislative issues:

    Sets forth conditions when an agency shall enter into a contract for consultant services. Requires NYS agencies to conduct a cost comparison prior to entering into a contract for consultant services to determine if the current state workforce is a less expensive alternative.

    This legislation empowers the Justice Center Advisory Council to review the mission and operation of the Justice Center.

    Assesses an employer a civil penalty of not less than one thousand and no more than ten thousand dollars, per violation where an employer requires a nurse to work more that such nurse's regularly scheduled work hours.

    Requires legislative approval for the closure of certain office of mental health, office for people with developmental disabilities or office of children and family services facilities and institutions.

    Enacts the "safe staffing for quality care act" to require acute care facilities and nursing homes to implement certain direct-care nurse to patient ratios in all nursing units; sets minimum staffing requirements; requires every such facility to submit a documented staffing plan to the department on an annual basis and upon application for an operating certificate; requires acute care facilities to maintain staffing records during all shifts.

    Many state employees put themselves in harm's way on a daily basis and should be rightly compensated if they are injured while on the job. This bill would provide certain title series the benefit of having the salary and medical bill paid by the state for an on-the-job injury.

    This bill would require the state to follow the federal standard and make equitable geographic pay differentials. Using an existing federal standard for federal employees is a sound policy for New York to follow for all of its employees.
    How to contact your Senator? CLICK HERE
    How to contact your Assemblyperson? CLICK HERE

    Send a letter? If you prefer to send a letter, PEF has prepared language that makes the point, but as always, please feel free to alter the letter to your preference:

    Cost Benefit Analysis, Justice Center, Mandatory Overtime Enforcement, Closure of Certain Facilities, Safe Staffing, Geographic Pay Differential, and Injury Expense Coverage.

    Of course, this is not a comprehensive listing of all the legislation that the PEF legislative office monitors daily. For the State Legislative Agenda, which is approved by the delegates at the annual PEF Constitutional Convention, please click here. You can also use these links, and the contact information provided, to communicate on any issue that you may not find listed above

    I would encourage all members to make an effort to contact or visit their local legislators annually and make them aware that you are an active constituent. When doing so, please identify yourself as a PEF member. I would also ask that you take notice of who the sponsors of our legislation are and contact their office to thank them for their support. Your constituent letters, phone calls and emails not only amplify the PEF legislative efforts in Albany, but also demonstrate that you are politically active to your local representative.

    If additional information or assistance is needed, please feel free to contact PEF Legislative Director: GAmorosi@PEF.ORG

    In Solidarity,
    Wayne Spence
    PEF President

    June 5, 2017:

    PEF Members:

    We need your help. When Betsy DeVos was nominated to be secretary of education, we sounded the alarm because of her role in Michigan and Florida as an anti-public education and pro-voucher lobbyist—what I call a "public school denier." The public agreed with us, but the White House and GOP-led Senate ignored the outcry of millions of Americans from across the country and confirmed her appointment—using a tiebreaking vote by Vice President Mike Pence. The budget DeVos and the Trump administration issued today reaffirms our concerns—big-time.

    We feared DeVos was ill-prepared to be education secretary, and now, after seeing this budget, we know she doesn’t care. The Trump-DeVos budget is manifestly cruel to children and catastrophic to public schools, while being a windfall for those who want to profit off of children or make education a commodity.

    That is why we are reaching out to everyone, regardless of your job title, where you live or your political party. We need your help in taking on the Trump-DeVos budget and its consequences.

    Write to Betsy DeVos and oppose this cruel and catastrophic budget today.

    Just look at what the DeVos budget proposes:

    • While Trump and DeVos chose private schools for their children, with small class sizes, they want to eliminate the federal funding that helps America’s public schools lower class sizes.
    • While Trump and DeVos can afford whatever their children and grandchildren need or want, and while Ivanka Trump got $19 billion for her parental leave project, the budget completely zeros out all current federal programs that keep millions of poor children safe and well-fed in after-school and summer programs.
    • Trump says there is nothing more important than being a teacher, but he eliminates the loan forgiveness program that helps students pursue teaching careers, eliminates funding for teacher preparation and educator support, and guts most other programs that alleviate student debt or make college more affordable.
    • Trump says vocational education is the way of the future yet slashes career and technical education funding.
    • DeVos promised not to hurt children with special needs, but the budget cuts one-quarter of the Medicaid funding that now pays for essential school-based services like physical therapists, feeding tubes and other medical equipment, and health screenings.

    And what do they fund with all these cuts? This budget provides tax cuts for the wealthy and redirects funding for expanded charter schools and vouchers. It spends $250 million on further research for vouchers even though the most recent studies, including one on the D.C. voucher program by DeVos’ own Education Department, show that vouchers hurt kids. And it diverts $1 billion from Title I funding—including $550 million in direct Title I cuts—to fund an Arne Duncan-like Race to the Top-style program.

    Tell Betsy DeVos that our children deserve better. She must stop her crusade for private, religious schools and failed voucher programs and fully fund public education.

    Federal and state funding is vitally important for our public schools to help children. Just ask the people in Van Wert, Ohio, who spent a day hosting DeVos and me. DeVos saw examples of great public schools in this rural area that voted big-time for Donald Trump. She saw the importance of early childhood education, observed hands-on learning in robotics classes, and learned about after-school programs, including a senior project that helps provide backpacks filled with food for the weekend to kids who receive free and reduced-price lunch.

    These, and many more, are the programs that will be decimated under DeVos’ education budget. Imagine the impact on your own public schools.

    DeVos has a track record of trying to dismantle public education. In her home state of Michigan, she’s spent millions of dollars—to divide communities and defund, undermine and privatize public schools. DeVos lobbied for a school voucher law that voters in Michigan overwhelmingly rejected. But she was able to push through the vast expansion of for-profit charter schools with little oversight and accountability. And now she wants to bring this same agenda to every city and town in America.

    Americans want the secretary of education to strengthen and support the public schools that 90 percent of American children attend, not strip them of vital resources and support. Tell DeVos to fully fund public education.

    The promise of our public schools is to create a pathway of opportunity for students and communities across America. The Trump-DeVos budget cuts promise only to block the path for students and families who depend on public education to find the way to a better future. Nobody who understands the importance of meal programs, after-school programs, access to a gym after school, and the availability of a therapist to help kids with depression and anxiety, would propose cuts so staggering and harmful.

    Make no mistake, we will fight for America’s children against a federal budget proposal whose cruelty is matched only by its callousness. Help us fight by writing to DeVos today.

    Thank you for all you do.

    In Unity,
    Randi Weingarten
    AFT President

    May 11, 2017:

    PEF Members:

    Since this is the first year of our transition from the printed Communicator to the eCommunicator, we want to make sure all members are aware of an upcoming deadline and the other rules for delegate nominations to the PEF 2017 PEF Convention. This year, the PEF Convention will be held Sunday, October 22, through Wednesday, October 25, 2017, in Lake Placid, New York.

    In an effort to provide advance notice, Convention Delegate information was included in the March 2017 eCommunicator and has been posted on the PEF website. If interested in participating and setting the agenda for PEF for the upcoming year as a Convention Delegate, please click here.

    This is a reminder that nominating petitions must be received by May 24, 2017 at 5:00 PM. For additional information contact Kristie Furman, Divisions Coordinator at 800-342-4306 Ext 231 or email at:

    Wayne Spence
    PEF President

    May 9, 2017:

    PEF Members:

    Get Your Con Con Tool Kit.

    May 3, 2017:

    PEF Members:

    As you know PEF strongly opposes the circumvention of the Civil Service merit system and continues to fight any erosion of the Civil Service process. Unfortunately, state agencies have the option to make changes without utilizing the legislative process.

    Click here to see the Rule Making Activities for May, 3. 2017.

    I want to alert you to a little known 4th branch of government in New York. It’s called the Rule Making Process under the New York State Department. As you know, the State Legislature is responsible for enacting the general laws in New York. In doing so, the Legislature often delegates "rule making powers" to the state’s administrative departments and agencies.

    Click here to see the statutory authority that sanctioned these actions (Page 25). This 4th branch of government has no accountability, nor are they elected. Agencies are then empowered to develop and enforce the rules and regulations they find necessary to implement the broad policies adopted by the Legislature.

    The Department of State is responsible for producing the weekly New York State Register, which plays a central role in the rule making activities. The Register contains notices of newly proposed rules as well as proposed changes to existing rules. Included in a "Notice of Proposed Rule Making" are the text of the rule if under 2,000 words or a summary if over 2,000 words; the time, date and location of any public hearing(s); and the name and address of the agency contact person to whom comments can be addressed. Publication of this notice initiates the rule making process.

    However, there is an opportunity for PEF members to comment Allow me to reiterate, the New York Constitution, Article V, §6, which requires that appointments and promotions in the civil service of the state “…shall be made according to merit and fitness to be ascertained, as far as practicable, by examination which, as far as practicable, shall be competitive. To deviate from this constitutionally mandated principle on such a scale, that these agencies are proposing, should not even be considered without thorough analysis, investigation and factual support as well as solid legal rationale. With that being stated, the following agencies are attempting to use the "exempt" or "non-competitive" avenue to create or add new positions:

    OITS - On Page 2, you will find a proposed rule to increase the number of exempt positions of "Special Assistants" title from 23 to 30.

    DOCCS- On page 4, you will find a proposed rule to increase the number of exempt positions of "Investigator I" title from 15 to 68.

    DFS- On Page 5, you will find a proposed rule to add the number of exempt positions of

    • "Chief Actuary" title total 16. (Control 20)
    • Increase the number of exempt positions of "Deputy Superintendent" from 5-6. (Control 24)
    • Add the number of exempt positions of “Director of Financial Services Programs 3 for a total of 50. (Control 22)

    On Page 6,

    • Add Non-Competitive class for "Financial Services Specialist 1 and 4" for a total of 180. (Control 23)
    • Increase the number of exempt positions of "Investigator I" from 11 to 34 and add 10 total "Assistant Chief" positions. (Control 21)

    Justice Center – On Page 6 you will find a proposed rule to increase the number of exempt positions of "Assistant Counsel" from 28 to 38.

    How can you help or participate?

    The 45 day public comment period on the proposed regulations has begun.

    • You can write a letter detailing your objections,
      ILENE LEES, Counsel
      Department of Civil Service
      Agency Building 1
      Albany, NY 12239
    • You can call (518) 473-6598 and voice your objections, or
    • Send an email detailing your objections

    Comments should be sent to:
    ILENE LEES, Counsel
    Department of Civil Service
    Agency Building 1
    Albany, NY 12239
    (518) 473-6598
    Email –

    The 45 day public comment period on the proposed regulations began today. I strongly encourage each PEF member make your comments known as we attempt to terminate this scheme to circumvent the civil service merit system. Together We Win!

    Wayne Spence
    PEF President

    April 11, 2017:

    PEF Members:

    As a follow to the legislative update that was sent on Saturday April 8, 2017, I wanted to let you know that the final budget has been acted on and signed by the Governor. While no budget is perfect, I have to reiterate that PEF did very well for issues that had been designated as PEF Budget Priorities.

    Read More.

    March 31, 2017:

    PEF Members:

    Let’s keep building PEF POWER!

    PEF is taking a stand for workers, our communities health & safety, and the contribution of public sector scientists. Come join with fellow PEF members in the People’s Climate March on April 29th in Washington, D.C. Click here for a flyer. Sign up at the following link to join our parent union SEIU and the labor contingent of the People’s Climate Movement to fight all threats to the health, safety and wellbeing of our communities! or contact:


    PEF has been assured by the Governor’s Office of Employee Relations that they are working quickly to identify any issues and to make any and all necessary corrections as soon as possible.

    As always, we will continue to keep you informed. Everyone is committed to making sure you get the money we negotiated for you!

    Wayne Spence
    PEF President

    March 23, 2017:

    PEF Members:

    PEF maintained constant communication with GOER and the State Comptroller from the moment a question was raised as to the calculation of the retroactive raise. The Office of the State Comptroller has confirmed that the April 1, 2016 retroactive raise has been calculated correctly.

    Retroactive salary adjustments are processed by calculating the difference between the old and new biweekly salary and multiplying that difference by the number of pay periods an employee was in active status in an eligible position during the raise period.

    Retroactive adjustments are always calculated for the number of pay periods from the effective date of the raise to the pay period the raise is processed (taking the lag variable into consideration).

    Please click here to see the Administration Payroll Calendar.

    For our PEF raise, retroactive adjustments were calculated using the following dates:

    • April 7, 2016 through February 22, 2017 (23 pay periods) for Administration checks dated 3/22/17.
    • March 31, 2016 through March 1, 2017 (24 pay periods) for Institution checks dated 3/30/17.

    Calculation example: (038356 is the factor used for this raise period) (New Salary x .038356 = New biweekly) - Old biweekly x 23 pay periods=Retro Pay

    As you can see, the components of the calculation are somewhat complex, but hopefully this clears up a majority of the misunderstanding. Individual retroactive salary adjustments can vary based on changes in an employee’s status during the raise period. If you have any questions about your specific calculation - including how to calculate your biweekly salary - please fee free to contact your agency payroll officer

    Thank You
    Wayne Spence
    PEF President

    March 22, 2017:

    PEF Members:

    By now PEF members have started receiving their retroactive 2 percent salary increase going back to April 1, 2016. We learned today that there are issues with the calculation of that amount for some of our members.

    PEF has been assured by the Governor’s Office of Employee Relations that they are working quickly to identify any issues and to make any and all necessary corrections as soon as possible.

    As always, we will continue to keep you informed. Everyone is committed to making sure you get the money we negotiated for you!

    Wayne Spence
    PEF President

    March 10, 2017:

    PEF Members:

    Building PEF Power Worksite Meeting
    Thursday March 16th, 11:45 am.
    Room 137
    Lunch will be served.
    More Information.

    Ralph Mabb
    DMV Div 211 Council Leader - Eboard Seat #420

    March 8, 2017:

    PEF Members:

    Great News!
    The Office of the State Comptroller (OSC) has released the Payroll Bulletin providing for payment of the retroactive April 2016 salary increase.

    Administration Payroll – 3/22/17.

    Institution Payroll – 3/30/17.

    For more details see the Payment Schedule.

    I want to thank the PEF Legislative staff for working to ensure the PEF Paybill was passed and signed as expeditiously as possible, enabling our raises to be implemented weeks earlier than has ever happened with PEF contract raises before.

    Together We Win!

    In unity,
    Wayne Spence
    PEF President

    February 23, 2017:

    PEF Members:

    Great news! Even though the legislature is not in session this week, the PEF legislative staff was able to get the PEF paybill sent to the Governor today.

    The Governor has 10 days (not counting Sundays) to sign or veto bills passed by both houses. Signed bills become law; vetoed bills do not.

    Once the Governor signs the PEF paybill, the NYS Comptroller then has the authority to finalize calculations for disbursement.

    As was accomplished this past summer with the previous one-year PEF contract, we will continue to update you at each step of the process.

    Please check the PEF website and Facebook page regularly for updates.

    In unity,
    Wayne Spence
    PEF President

    February 15, 2017:

    PEF Members:

    Great News!
    The PEF "Paybill" went through its third reading, as required by law, on February 9, 2017. Today the bill was overwhelmingly passed by the New York State Assembly. This means our "Paybill" A.4542 has now passed both houses of the legislature and should soon be sent to the Governor for his signature. Please check the PEF website regularly for updates.

    February 3, 2017:

    PEF Members:

    This afternoon the PEF pay bill was introduced by both houses of the legislature and is now in committee in both houses. The bill's sponsors are Senators Amedore and Tedisco (S4076) and Assemblyman Abbate (A4542). The PEF legislature staff is working to ensure swift passage.

    I will continue to keep you updated as the bill moves through the legislative process.

    In unity,
    Wayne Spence
    PEF President

    February 1, 2017:

    PEF Members:

    I have received confirmation from the Governor’s Office of Employee Relations (GOER) that the PEF pay bill will be released by the Governor’s office and sent to the legislature today. I will keep you updated on the process as it continues to move forward.

    In unity,
    Wayne Spence
    PEF President

    January 10, 2017:

    PEF Members:

    The December/January issue of the Communicator arriving in your mailbox this week is the last printed edition we will be sending to members' homes.

    You are receiving this email because we have your current non-work email address. Please check with your co-workers and help us spread the word about the PEF eCommunicator by making sure we have their non-work email as well. Here is the link for members to provide us with their non-work email to ensure delivery of the eCommunicator.

    This new and and exciting online format will allow us to immediately add new articles of importance as breaking news happens, and to include more localized and regional stories and advertising, which will result in more opportunities for you to enjoy local savings and to stay updated about PEF and issues important to the PEF membership.

    We thank you for your continued support as we transition into the 21st century and as we work to keep you, our members, better informed.

    Contract Update:

    I want to make sure you have the latest information on the status of the retroactive and pay calculations relating to our recently ratified contract agreement. Please click here for this important update: Contract News

    Wayne Spence
    PEF President

    December 15, 2016:

    PEF Members:

    PEF Members Ratify State Contract With a 96 Percent "Yes" Vote. Contract News

    October 28, 2016:

    PEF Members:

    With only one vote against, members of the PEF Executive Board voted this afternoon to send the 2016-2019 tentative contract to the PEF membership for ratification.

    • Ballots will be mailed out in lime green envelopes by the American Arbitration Association (AAA) on Wednesday, November 9, 2016.
    • Ballots must be received by the AAA on or before 5 p.m. on Tuesday, December 13, 2016.
    • If you do not receive your ballot by Wednesday, November 16, 2016, call the AAA hotline at (800) 529-5218 to request a ballot or replacement ballot.
    • Ballots will be counted by AAA on Wednesday, December 14, 2016.

    Over the coming weeks, PEF will be scheduling meetings around the State to answer your questions and hear comments about the tentative agreement. To learn of contract meetings in your area, check the PEF website and the official PEF Facebook page.


    Wayne Spence
    PEF President

    October 20, 2016:

    PEF Members:

    Yesterday, the PEF contract team and the GOER bargaining team reached tentative agreement on a three year contract from April 2016 to April 2019.

    The contract provides for three compounded wage increases of 2% per year, retroactive to April 2, 2016.

    Of critical importance is the fact that the contract includes no healthcare concessions and no negotiated changes in healthcare benefits or costs. The contract provides no increases in member co-pays, deductibles and no other increases in out of pocket costs to members for the full three year term of the contract. PEF and the state also agreed to immediately meet to work together to find innovative and effective ways to deal with spiraling health care and prescription drug costs in the future. The agreement also includes no changes in workers compensation benefits.

    Your PEF Executive Board will be meeting next week. Further details and updates about the tentative agreement will be forthcoming, so please check the PEF website and Facebook page regularly.

    I know you will join me in thanking the members of PEF's contract team who have worked hard and tirelessly over the past two years on this contract. While negotiations have been ongoing for the past two years, intensive round the clock negotiations began Monday morning and concluded at noon yesterday with the execution of the tentative agreement by the chief negotiators. The contract team unanimously approved and recommended the tentative agreement for the Executive Board's approval and then, ratification by PEF's membership.

    I am proud to have been a part of this process and look forward to the ratification of this three year contract.

    Wayne Spence
    PEF President

    October 4, 2016:

    PEF Members:

    Friday, November 4th 12pm, Room 137. Lunch wiil be provided. You must charge accruals if you remain past 12:30. You must pre-register to attend. Register by calling: Ralph Mabb: 486-5876, Jim Parker: 474-3320, Nicole Cox 408-2856. More Information.

    June 2, 2016:

    PEF Members:

    The deadline is quickly approaching to mail in your contract ratification ballot. Ballots must be received by June 6th. Mail in your ballot today to make your vote count. A strong voter turnout shows PEF unity and means strength at the bargaining table!

    May 24, 2016:

    PEF Members:

    Thank you to the many PEF members who have already voted and mailed in their contract ratification ballot. If you have not done so, please take a moment to mark your ballot and drop it in the mail. Ballots are due back to AAA in NYC by Monday, June 6th. A strong voter turnout strengthens PEF at the bargaining table for future negotiations.

    If you have not received your ballot, please call AAA at 800-529-5218 ASAP and a replacement ballot will be sent to you.

    United We Bargain, Divided We Beg.

    In Harmony,

    Wayne Spence
    PEF President

    May 12, 2016:

    PEF Members:

    In response to questions about health insurance in the 2015-16 Tentative Agreement, we've revised the Contract FAQ's to clear up any confusion. Please see below:

    As noted in the recently mailed Communicator Special Edition, the 2015-2016 Tentative Agreement includes a 2% across the board wage increase, increases in funding levels for committees and programs, and no changes in health benefits. As noted in the gains and tradeoffs chart in the Communicator, there are some changes to the contract language to remove obsolete and expired language which is no longer in effect. We have heard that some people are concerned that the deletion of the obsolete language will result in increases or changes in health benefits. This is unequivocally not true. Please see the revised FAQs for an explanation as to why removal of the old language in the new tentative agreement results in no changes to your health benefits.

    Q: Are there changes in the level of health benefits (e.g., types of coverage) in the 2015-2016 tentative agreement?

    A: No. The tentative agreement does not make any changes to your health insurance coverages.

    Q: Are there changes in the costs of health benefits (e.g., employee premium contributions, copays, deductibles, etc) in the 2015-2016 tentative agreement?

    A: No. The tentative agreement does not change the costs of PEF members' health benefits. It does not reduce the amount the state contributes to the cost of that health insurance, it does not change the Empire Plan combined annual deductible, or any other cost sharing, including copays, under the Empire Plan. Empire Plan enrollees' out-of-pocket costs are not going to increase as a result of implementing the tentative agreement. These are the same costs that were made effective by the 2011-2015 PS&T Contract.

    April 25, 2016:

    PEF Members:

    Reminder. Wednesday is the PEF Div 211 General membership meeting. Noon, Room 137, Lunch will be provided. Members of PEF staff will be on hand to answer questions about the upcoming contract and the need to vote! Please call RMABB at 486-5876 or Jim Parker at 474-3320, or Nicole Cox at 408-2856 to RSVP. More Informatoin

    April 11, 2016:

    PEF Members:

    I'm writing to you today with great news about PEF contract negotiations. We have come to terms with the Governor and his team on a one year agreement, retroactive to April 1, 2015, that provides 2% across the board salary increases for the PEF membership.

    This unprecedented one year retroactive agreement is thanks to the hard work, professionalism and expertise of the PEF contract team, and the leadership of team chair Region 11 coordinator Jemma Marie-Hanson and chief negotiator Mark Richard. All exhibited patience, professionalism and expertise at the negotiating table.

    Our work is not done however. Now, the contract team goes back to the negotiating table to iron out the remaining issues, like health insurance, job security and salary increments for the remaining years of a new agreement.

    Ratification timeline and other details are still being worked out and we'll get that information to you as soon as it is available.


    In Unity, Wayne Spence

    Reminder. Wednesday is the PEF Div 211 General membership meeting. Noon, Room 137, Lunch will be provided. Members of PEF staff will be on hand to answer questions about the upcoming contract and the need to vote! Please call RMABB at 486-5876 or Jim Parker at 474-3320, or Nicole Cox at 408-2856 to RSVP.

    April 1, 2016:

    PEF Members:

    Bi-Annual Membership Meeting. Wednesday April 27th 12pm. Room 137. Lunch will be provided. You must charge accruals if you remain past 12:30. You must pre-register to attend. Register by calling: Ralph Mabb 486-5876, Jim Parker 474-3320 or Nicole Cox 408-2856

    March 14, 2016:

    PEF Members:

    Please take the time to fill out the following survey.

    Survey Documentation

    February 26, 2016:

    PEF Members: