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August 18, 2014:

PEF Membership Benefits Program Higher Education Incentive Program (HEIP):

The PEF Membership Benefits Program Higher Education Incentive Program (HEIP) provides individual PEF members in good standing with tuition reimbursement of up to $600 for one job or career related, successfully completed post secondary course at an accredited college or university for the Fall 2014 semester. It also grants a $75 book allowance for course required textbooks. More Information...

August 8, 2014:

All OGS Parking Patrons:

In the coming days, OGS will begin regularly providing employees who have completed EPPs with the below guidance related to the close of open enrollment.

Please be advised that the ‘Open Enrollment’ phase of the Downtown Albany Employee Parking System implementation will conclude at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, August 26th. This date reflects the last opportunity downtown employees will have to make/update parking preference selections through their Employee Parking Profile (EPP) before the first round of permits in the new system are awarded.

We strongly urge employees to keep in mind that the first 1,800 permits will be awarded based off parking service dates and the preferences recorded as of 6 p.m. on Tuesday, August 26th. It is important to note that employees will not have an opportunity to adjust their preference to a different parking facility in order to obtain one of the initial 1,800 permits after 6 p.m. on Tuesday, August 26th. Employees may continue to update their EPPs after the August 26th deadline but updated preferences will not be reflected in OGS call rosters until additional permits are offered after the system has been fully implemented. OGS currently projects that a significant number of additional permits will be made available in late Fall and regularly thereafter.

OGS will continue to update the Interim Status Report (ISR) each week with the projected parking service dates required to obtain permits until the close of open enrollment. The last update is currently scheduled for Thursday, August 21st giving employees several business days to make final decisions. The most recent version of the ISR can be found on the OGS Parking website at the below link:

If you are being offered a permit, you will be contacted directly by OGS after August 26th via email. The process of offering permits to employees will be heavily email-driven making it important that employees have included current, accurate email addresses in their EPP. Please make every effort to respond to permit offers from OGS via email. Failure to do so will cause processing delays and extend the timeline for hangtag distribution for all downtown parkers.

If you are not contacted directly by OGS and offered a permit, it means that your parking service date was not eligible for permitting in the lot you chose as your preference. Please be advised that OGS will not be reaching out to employees who were not eligible to receive permits in their preferred lots.

OGS will continue to remind employees directly of the August 26th deadline over the coming weeks and will provide additional instruction as necessary. For further assistance, please direct questions to

July 30, 2014:

2014 Region 8 Golf Tournament:

Golf Invitation

Golf Brochure

Golf Sponsorship and Registration

July 29, 2014:

Leadership Development Programs for PEF Members 2014-15:

Leadership Memo

2014-20 - 2014-2015 Leadership Development Program - Memo

2014-20 - 2014-2015 Leadership Development Program - Course Description

January 27, 2014:

SOS Region 8 SOS Rally flyer information:

Please find the SOS Rally flyer for nearby offices and the Region 8 SOS Rally flyer with bus info attached. I have attached the SOS Campaign Issues piece from the PEF site.