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November 2, 2012:

Division 211 Members:

All IT Professionals:

Please sign your ACCEPTANCE (or DECLINATION) of TRANSFER and return it within 10 calendar days of receipt to both OITS AND DMV Director of HR Management.

If you have questions or concerns or wish to protest your inclusion (or exclusion) please contact your union representative asap.

PEF STRONGLY recommends that you sign your ACCEPTANCE of TRANSFER.

Further clarification on your PEF division designation will be determined at PEF Headquarters before the TRANSFER of FUNCTION occurs. Elected stewards from each PEF Division will continue to serve as elected union representatives at their new agency although they will be under the PEF Executive Board Representative from OITS. Those elected stewards who remain in their host agency (DMV) will continue to serve as elected stewards and leaders.

It is strongly recommended that IT Professionals from DMV who participate in this Transfer of Function, think about getting involved as union activists to represent and protect your interests!

Questions can be directed to Maureen K or Ralph M.

September 28, 2012:

Updated information about IT Transformation:

ITS Transformation - Updated Information.

September 19, 2012:

IT Professionals identified as "Substantially Engaged"

Please notify your steward, division leader or state-wide board rep if you receive notice (required at least 20 days prior) that you are being transferred to OITS. If you see a roster posted identifying who those individuals are to be transferred, please also notify your steward, division leader or state-wide board rep.

September 14, 2012:

Important information about IT Transformation:

ITS Transformation - Consolidation Information.

For PEF-Represented New York State Employees: 2012-2013 Professional Development Programs.

August 28, 2012:

Important Notice - Civil Service Policy Bulletin on Transfer of Function:

Policy Bulletin #12-01.

June 18, 2012:

Division 211 Members:

PEF Day - Renaissance Festival.

Sunday, July 29, 2012:
PEF Day - Great Escape.

June 4, 2012:


Ballots for our Statewide PEF leaders should be received at your home address by Friday, June 8th. Please fill out your ballots and return asap! Please make your vote count as union members are fighting for our jobs. Thank you.

May 29, 2012:

Division 211 Members:

Tuition reimbursements available for expenses incurred after 1/1/12 - According to the GOER website there are currently no PEF reimbursements available for expenses incurred after January 1, 2012. Check for further information and updates at:

May 14, 2012:

Division 211 Members:

2012 Annual Membership Meeting.

May 8, 2012:

Division 211 Members:

Thank you to everyone who signed petitions to support our (returning and new) DMV Division 211 PEF stewards & DMV PEF Executive Board (statewide) representative. We appreciate your support!

DMV PEF Division 211 Annual Membership Meeting to be scheduled last week in May. More information is forthcoming!

2012-13 Over 40 Comp Time II Pilot Program - those interested must re-enroll w/your agency HR no later than COB May 15, 2012.

Annual Workforce Team Challenge - aka "Corporate Challenge" will be held May 17th. Go team DMV!

Reminder: Nurse Lobby Day is May 22nd - PEF, NYSUT and CWA will gather at the Capitol in support of legislation to set Safe Staffing Ratios and Safe Patient Handling Procedures. Please come out to West Capitol Park at 11:30 to support our nurses!

Reminder: End of school year may mean end of dental & vision coverage for your students. If your child is age 19 or over, but under age 25, and is completing studies in May or June, loss of eligibility for coverage as a dependent child under your dental/vision plans. You will need to notify your agency Health Benefits Administrator of your child's change in student status and to obtain information regarding continuing this coverage.

Save the Date: DMV Annual Clambake on Friday, August 3, 2012 @ Birch Hill - announcement will be made shortly regarding ticket sales and PEF Division 211 rebate. Tickets will not be sold @ the door. 3.75 hours will be given to those attending the clambake. Updated information is forthcoming.

Save the Date: Annual Lou Matrazzo Golf Tournament sponsored by PEF @ Mohawk River County Club, July 29, 2012 to benefit the American Cancer Society. Contact Maureen for registration forms ($90 entrance fee - four person scramble - registration fee & form due by 6/29/12). Rain or shine.

PEF Division 211 supports organ donation:

March 30, 2012:

Division 211 Members:

The Training Needs Assessment (TNA) team would like to thank PEF Local 211 for their generous contribution towards the March 27th Leadership presentation. We were able to hire Dr. Birchak, even during the current fiscal constraints, because of your participation.

March 6, 2012:

Division 211 Members:

You may be eligible for some reimbursement from the union:
Flood victims application.

Budget rally on March 15th at West Capitol Park in Albany.

February 24, 2012:

Division 211 Members:

OMH-OPWDD rally on March 1 at 44 Holland Avenue in Albany.

Budget rally on March 15th at West Capitol Park in Albany.

February 21, 2012:

Division 211 Members:

For those of you who might not be aware, Region 8 is hosting a Lobby Training on Wednesday February 22 at 6:00 pm at PEF Headquarters. The training is intended to give activists pointers to remember in lobbying their legislators. The training is open to anyone in Region 8. Since we are asking all of our members to reach out to their legislators during this crucial time period before the budget is passed, this training was designed to help those who have never visited a legislator feel more comfortable with the process. Please pass this information along to your members and ask them to call the Region 8 Field office for additional information 785-1900, ext 228. Again, thank you for your continued to support!!! Also AFL-CIO Tier 6 Fight Back materials video.

President Brynien sent the attached letter to Governor Cuomo addressing the terrible toll that workplace injuries are taking on state employees, causing pain and suffering and also significant impacts on agency finances, staffing, and quality of services.

January 23, 2012:

Opt-out Program and Questionnaire:

We do not believe that the State's implementation of the 2012 Opt-out Program is consistent with the language in the 2011-2015 PS&T Unit Agreement. Therefore , we have grieved this issue. To assist us in preparing this grievance for arbitration, we need members who believe they should be included in the class of grievants to fill out the questionnaire. The two requirements for a PEF-represented State employee to be eligible to enroll in the Opt-out program are: 1) the employee must be enrolled in NYSHIP prior to April 1st of the previous plan year; and 2) the employee must be able to demonstrate and attest to having other coverage.

Effective January 1, 2012, Davis Vision has become the administrator of the NYS Vision Plan, for more information.

This February marks the 41st annual Black & Puerto Rican Legislative Caucus weekend. As in past years, PEF plans to participate in the Caucus Weekend by sponsoring a booth at the Career and Business Expo and through membership attendance at various events. In accordance with the changed ethics laws, PEF will not sponsor a reception again this year. If you are interested in attending, for more information.

January 12, 2012:

Division 211 Members:

Free AED/CPR Training Class for ESP- Swan Street Tenants.