DMV PEF Division 211

Capital District
6 Empire State Plaza
Albany, NY 12228

Contract Info:

January 16, 2020:

Hello Division 211 members. This evening I participated in a contract-related conference call held at PEF Headquarters. This conference call included many other local leaders, as well as the Contract Team Chair and Director of Organizing.

Contract negotiations are ongoing. The leaders on the call were asking for member involvement in the process. In other words, we need you to get involved.

There are many tools in the contract section of the website, including pre-written letters to the editor that they are encouraging members to submit to local newspapers.

In addition, there are signs to download which read "PEF DOES It!", ie, PEF Members do the good work for New York State. I may be asking you folks to post these signs at your desk. (I will provide signs so we do not print them at work, of course.)

There may also come a time where I and my fellow PEF leaders call upon you to take part in a rally. That is not something that is planned as of right now, but it may be somewhere down the road.

If and when that happens, we will need you folks to show up, be loud and proud union members, and let your voices be heard. The Contract Team needs your support. Can we count on you?

In the meantime, we can post on Twitter, write a letter to the editor, and turn up if we have a rally. We need to show that we are united and cannot be defeated. Because if we use our voices and demand a fair contract, we will get one.

WIth regards,
Ralph Mabb, Division 211 Council Leader